Clear Span Carports 32′-40′

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Accessories and Extras

*Note: customer must supply lift for installation

Std Height 7ft. Leg Height

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Price includes vertical sides

Both Sides Enclosed

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Price includes vertical ends (per end)

Closed End (per end)

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Frame outs (openings only)

Window $70.00  Walk-in-door $75.00

Extra L&J trim $2.00 per ft.

Garage Door Openings:

Each On End

6X6 $90.00   8X7 $110.00   9X7 $115.00   10X8 $130.00   10X10 $150.00

Openings on Side up to 12FT. Wide $200.00


Add $100.00 Trip fee on any purchase less than $500.00

Windows 24″X36″ $160.00 each

Walk-in Door 32″X72″ $175.00 each Add $50 side fee

Garage Doors  6’wX6’h $275.00   8’wX7’h $325.00   9’wX7’h $375.00   10’wX8’h $425.00   10’wX10’h $475.00   Add $100.00 Side door fee (per each door)

Mobile Home Anchors 3/4″x30″ $25.00 each

Asphalt Anchors 3/4″x30″ $25.00 each

Gable End (Per End) 32′-36′ $450.00 each   38′-40′ $550.00 each

Extra Panels  36″ Wide 21′ long $75.00 each   26′ long $95.00 each   31′ long $115.00 each

Extra Frame Bow  32′-36′ $400.00 each   38′-40′ $550.00 each (Add $10.00 for each additional ft in height)


Connection Fees

Connecting end to end $200.00

Connecting side to side $300.00


*30 Day Workmanship warranty on all buildings, effective day of installation.
*20 Year limited warranty on 12 Gauge framing materials assuming regular care and maintenance given to building.
Prices subject to change without notice 2015

We also offer custom configuration. Please give us a call today.

You can customize your metal building project with the following items:

  • Windows
  • Walk-in doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Gable End
  • Trusses
  • Anchors
  • Extra Panels